Who, What and Why behind your Solution Strategy

Launching a product or service based on internal assumptions can introduce business risks such as low customer adoption due to misaligned needs, and higher go-to-market costs.

We combine customer empathy and needs analysis strategies – often known as Design Thinking – to help you create highly customer-focused solutions. Our needs analysis identifies what requirements customers have for your products and services, while empathy draws on their emotions behind a purchase decision.

It can be used for launching a new service, product, or modernize existing solutions to remain relevant. Understanding the market, and your key buyers, is the first step in creating high performing products and services.


A Customer Needs Analysis discovers answers to key questions:


  1. What are the most opportunistic markets for us to target with our offering?
  2. What type of demand needs to be created?
  3. What are our customers’ needs?
  4. What does the competitive landscape look like?
  5. Is the offering an attack or defense strategy to our competitors?
  6. Who are our key buyers? Who aren’t our key buyers?
  7. How will buyers make their purchasing decisions? Who is involved?

How We Work With You

Through Design Thinking principals, we apply customer empathy techniques to understand current state of your buyer’s world, the challenges, pain points and goals they are looking to solve. This helps develop new products, services or redefine existing offerings with a sharp focus on the customer’s needs – and reduces the risk of misaligned solutions.

Our Product Marketing consultants collaborate with your subject matter experts, existing clients and new prospective buyers to develop your customer needs analysis. While others walk away after developing a strategy plan, our consultants work hard to implement these customer insights into a Solution Go-To-Market Plan.

With hands-on experience and best practice certifications in Product Marketing and Management, our consultants quickly become a key liaison between your Sales, Marketing and Product Management teams.

It Helps You

Align your solutions more closely to customer’s needs and expectations.

Improve your thought leadership by developing a content strategy around buyer personas.

Drive more sales by discovering which target market segments are best to pursue.

Improve sales effectiveness by knowing how to uniquely position against the competition.

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