Companies Don’t Innovate… People Do

Product Managers are your secret weapon to driving innovation. Their task is to translate your company’s vision into a reality while balancing priorities such as managing executive expectations, product development, and launch plans. At times, these priorities can become overwhelming, distracting them from the main focal point – your customer needs.

49% of Product Managers say

conducting proper market research to validate whether the market truly needs what they’re building is a challenge to deal with. 1

Align Product Management, Sales and Marketing with the Customer

Remember, your customers come in three’s – the end-users, your buyers and your sales team. Each have unique needs that determine what value means to them. End-users care about product features and buyers want to know how it will impact their business. Sales representatives are advocates of your brand and the voice of your solutions, so they should be treated as customers too.

Buyer Personas

Building buyer personas will align your solutions with your buyer’s business outcomes, challenges, pain points and industry trends. With this information you’ll find new and innovative ways to help your customers.

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End User Personas

Like buyer personas, but focused directly at the end-users of your solution. Gathering information on how they work and live, can simplify your feature prioritization and road mapping decisions.

Market Requirements Documents (MRD)

Building off your buyer personas, a MRD should be developed to address questions such as…

What are your most strategic markets to target with your offering? What are your customer’s needs?

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Solutions Go-to-Market Plan

It all comes together in one plan, driving cross-department collaboration between Product Marketing, Product Management, Marketing Demand Gen and Sales on your Solutions Go-To-Market Plan– also known as the “Interlock Stage”.

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  1. Source: Mind the Product
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