Ready, Set, Go Sell!

You’ve hired new sales reps, introduced them to internal team members, and gave them a territory that sounds like it’s a winning opportunity. Your new hire return on investment expectations are high, but unfortunately after 6 months to a year, the ROI isn’t met – margins are low and revenue targets are not at plan.

If you think you’re alone, think again. 80% of Customers said sales reps fail to meet expectations for contributing value. 1

Think like a Customer to Sell with Relevance

70% of the buyers’ journey is complete before a buyer even reaches out to sales. So, when buyers engage, what expectations do they have? What qualification questions should your sales people ask to drive opportunities and show value to your key buyers?

Building Buyer Personas will enable your sales team to deeply understand what your buyers care about most, and tailor a conversation to drive qualified opportunities.

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Track Why You Win and Lose

Create better alignment between your sales motions and customer expectations with direct feedback. Our Win/Loss Analysis services include interviews with your most recently won and lost opportunities, capturing the details on why you’re winning and why you’re losing deals. We give you unbiased insights and apply them throughout your Persona-Based Sales Playbooks and Messaging and Positioning Guides to strengthen your Sales Enablement and Product Marketing strategy.

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Persona-Based Selling

Differentiate your company and your value proposition. Then you’ll win more deals by enabling your sales team with Persona-Based Sales Playbooks to deliver a customer-centric sales approach. Move away from pitching traditional product-centric value propositions that don’t work with today’s buyers.

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  1. Source: Forrester 2016
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