Modern B2B marketers exist within an ever-evolving ecosystem of channels, tactics, events and buyer needs continuously accelerating the rate of change within the discipline. These evolutions have brought the need for expertise across strategy and execution within everything from expanding, interconnected technology stacks to attribution and revenue intelligence. The result: Today’s marketing org chart is unrecognizable from that of the all too recent past.

Within this landscape it’s no wonder 69% of employers report having difficulty finding the skills they need to fill open positions, and why marketing staff augmentation solutions are increasingly adopted by the HR, talent, revenue, and marketing leaders keeping their business ahead of the curve.

What is Marketing Staff Augmentation?

Is staff augmentation outsourcing? Yes, but not in the traditional sense. It’s a fluid talent management approach that provides contract employees to fill a desired role(s) for a set period of time working on-site, or ‘virtual on-site’ as the situation calls, as part of your team. Augmented staff can be short term, meant to accomplish a specific phase of a project, or long term meant to fill an ongoing skills gap as well as emerging gaps that arise with the evolution of marketing programs.

The practice is utilized to effectively create a Hybrid Workforce comprised of both full-time internal and fixed-term contract employee talent.

Deploying a blend of internal and on-demand marketing talent to create a bespoke Hybrid Workforce:

The Benefits:

Filling ‘Right Now’
Skill Gaps:

Many projects naturally incorporate an evolving skill requirement as they move from early to late stage on the way to execution/implementation. Our approach facilitates the need to flex talent with the necessary expertise in and out over time as requirements dictate.

Zero Headcount

Marketing leaders have always been asked to do more with less, especially when met with staff reductions, hiring freezes and headcount restrictions. While marketing staff augmented team members work on site as part of your team, they remain employed by Notable Evolution with zero impact on your own headcount.

A Low Commitment,
High Value Solution

Contract staff provide all the benefits of your full-time employees with none of the commitment or secondary carrying costs attached to a traditional hire.

Accelerated Time
to Value:

Even if you are able to find the right skill-sets, vertical experience, etc. within the typical hiring process it will often take several months along with the expense of time and monetary resources. Our workflow is accomplished within 2 weeks from signed contract to employee start.

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