Grow Revenue with Sales and Marketing Data Intelligence

DiscoverOrg has been a pioneer in the marketing and sales intelligence software space since 2007.

Designed to reduce the time-to-direct-connection with targeted prospects, our platform improves the performance of all prospecting efforts by providing both the contacts and context needed to sell and market more effectively. DiscoverOrg helps companies across all verticals and stages fill their pipelines and improve their bottom lines.

Notable Evolution is a DiscoverOrg service partner that helps companies use the platform to generate revenue and maximize their return on investment. Our hands-on experience allows you to quickly deploy DiscoverOrg’s platform into your sales and marketing go-to-market strategies immediately from day one. We work directly with your sales organization to execute business development programs for new prospect acquisition, and growth opportunities within your existing customer base.

Our services combined with DiscoverOrg’s data intelligence platform enables you can compete smarter, faster and more efficiently.

The ROI of Sales Intelligence


Increase in Qualified Leads - DiscoverOrg

More Meetings Per Rep Each Year - DiscoverOrg


Increase in Year-One Sales - DiscoverOrg

ROI in Less than One Year - DiscoverOrg

Sales Account Planning Programs

Our Sales Enablement consultants perform strategic account planning sessions with your sales teams to find new revenue opportunities. As your Sales Enablement champion, we take lead on applying the power of DiscoverOrg’s data intelligence to your target account base, and focus on areas of opportunity that drive your next strategic sales cycle.

Quickly Identify Upcoming Opportunities

Not sure where to focus your sales motion with your accounts?

Through our hands-on experience with DiscoverOrg, we’ll identify quick hit opportunities and help your sales reps prioritize where to target.

Get in Front of Opportunities before the Competition

What if your sales and marketing team could automatically receive alerts about a prospect’s purchase intent at the exact moment they are doing research online, before they ever reach out to you or a competitor?

Working side by side with your sales reps, our Sales Enablement consultants apply actionable insights to your target accounts that uncover any online research activities – empowering your sales team to drive opportunities early in the buying cycle and show more value upfront.

Optimized Sales Territory Planning

Your regional sales leaders play a vital role in the success of your sales team development and sales territory planning is a key enabler. Like our Account Planning Programs, but at a larger scale, our Sales Enablement consultants partner with your sales leaders to perform territory planning powered by DiscoverOrg’s data intelligence platform.

Data-Driven Territory Development

We help your sales leaders leverage data intelligence to find, rank, and sort target accounts based on your ideal customer profile. This helps you make strategic and informed decisions on the best opportunities where your sales team should focus towards penetrating the market.

Identify Market Opportunity in Diverse Ways

We can slice the market in different viewpoints to best suit your business development strategies. This becomes the basis of your territory sales go-to-market strategy and marketing support.

  • Company revenue
  • Employee size
  • Verticals
  • Technology Environment
  • Upcoming Projects & Contract Renewals
  • Buyer Pain Points
  • Lookalike Companies
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