Driving Market Opportunity with Cross-Department Alignment

We often notice a fundamental gap in how go-to-market plans are executed between product management, corporate marketing and sales.

Product managers are sometimes too technical – focusing on features and functionality. They lack the core marketing skills to orchestrate a marketing plan for their products and services. Corporate marketing teams are experts on the PR, Digital Media, Content Writing and Campaign Management side of the house. They’re often missing the product knowledge required to execute on deliverables. Sales professionals deliver your message, expecting product management and marketing to give them the tools to successfully in sell to customers and prospects.

So where’s the gap?
There’s no single team effectively supporting the needs between Product Management, Corporate Marketing and Sales.

How We Help Drive Revenue and Demand for Your Solutions (By Filling the Gap)

Our Product Marketing consultant works with your product management, corporate marketing and sales teams to build a well-defined Solution Go-To-Market Plan. This is a clear strategy outlining what activities will take place to drive demand, the responsibilities across various teams, budget requirements, performance metrics and important milestones to track.

Launch Innovative Solutions

Many questions come up when launching new solutions – Are you looking to launch a new offering to penetrate new markets? Does it expand into your existing customers via a new buying center? Is the strategy to attack an established market as a disruptive solution? Our Product Marketing consultants will help define the strategy for your new offering and manage your launch:


  • Strategy Overview – why your solution exists
  • Targeted Buyer Persona – who you need to target and why
  • Performance Objectives – metrics to track success
  • Value Proposition – positioning guides for selling and marketing
  • Competitive Landscape – how to differentiate your positioning
  • Routes to Market – strategy for direct sales vs. online/ inside sales
  • Content Development – writing of data sheets, whitepapers, blogs, video
  • Campaign Planning – working closely with your demand gen team to build campaigns

Optimize Your Product Life Cycle

Introduction, Growth, Maturity or Decline. Where in the product life cycle are your current solutions?

Partnering with your product management team, our Product Marketing consultants analyze how best to enhance your existing solutions go-tomarket strategy. To help maximize performance, our Solution Go-To-Market Plans are tailored to best fit the needs of your current product’s life cycle stage.

Activities outlined in your plan are executed between your Product Marketing consultant and your company’s demand gen team, corporate communications, PR managers, sales team and any other agencies you partner with.

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